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Coir Pith

Product Description

  • Coir pith is purely Organic and environmentally friendly unlike rock wool. High water holding capacity (upto 88%) due to foam like structure.
  • It has a very high buffer capacity that will provide enough water and nutrients even after 2 days of irrigation.
  • Excellent air porosity due to loose structure (up to 23% air porosity) and holds more air even after saturation.
  • Coco pith is an execellent growing medium for root developement which enables easy and direct transplanting without any additional treatment or agents.
  • Coco pith by its nature has a very slow decomposition rate so that it is ideal for reuse thereby reducing the replacement cost.
  • Our Coco pith yields more advantages than rock wool in terms of both financially and ecologically.

Coir Pith Specification

  • Coco pith 5kg bricks
  • Moisture <16% Compression Ratio 5:01 pH 5.5-5.5 Sieve 6mm
  • EC <0.6 ms Expansion Ratio 70/75Ltr Organic matter 85%

Coir Pith Blocks
Coir Pith